As your premier video production partner, we build your branded content from the ground up. We work directly with your social media and marketing teams to keep engagement on track with our effective film and video strategies.

We're a family owned video production company founded in 2015 by Matt L Hahn and wife Jackie. Our company has worked with many businesses and theatres in the New Jersey and New York areas.

Our story with YOU begins with the brand! Brand films are short videos created to showcase a brand as a form of digital marketing. Usually, they tell a story, connecting the audience to the brand's core messages, and can be fictional or documentary style. This is a key aspect to Hahn Films and how we make your business stand out amongst the rest.

MATT L HAHN | CEO & Video Producer

Matt is a lifetime filmmaker, being interested in movies since a very young age. He received a bachelor's degree in Film/Video at Five Towns College where he won best senior thesis for his film, A Fine Line. In 2015, he officially made Hahn Films an LLC and began working with theatres on the Jersey Shore to build their content. Today, he continues to create content for many industries including digital marketing, entertainment, food service, education, healthcare, and more.